Welcome to Loretto Kennels! We offer boarding of dogs and cats for the discriminate owner. We also breed, show, train and sell German Shepherds.
I bought my male German Shepherd from Loretto Kennels about a year and a half ago for a companion for my female. I was delighted at the cleanliness of the facility and the knowledge that Morris had of these animals. Whenever I had any problems, I was able to contact him and he spent time helping me with my questions. Since then I have taken both of my German Shepherds to Morris for training.
He did a terrific job in training them. I could not believe the difference it made. It was great that when I picked them up from the kennel that they were both bathed and seemed to enjoy their time there. Since that time I have boarded them at Loretto Kennels a few times when I have been away, and have been able to relax knowing that they are in good hands.

Judy, Schomberg, Ontario

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If you ever even consider boarding, training or showing your dog(s), or even opening your own kennel...first you must visit Morris Bartucci at his Loretto Kennels. I have found that he can take a dog that is afraid and make it sound; one that is hostile and make it a good companion; one that is aggressive and make it your best friend. He can train a jumping dog and make it ready for the show ring; a puppy and make it ready for that new family that it wants...yes, he can do all of these things and more....How do I know? He has done miracles with my dogs.
Try him with yours.

Janice Stevenson
Braeloch Shepherds

For the last twenty-five years Morris Bartucci has bred, trained, boarded and handled our Champion German Shepherds. When we travel, we only trust Morris to board our dogs. We know that they will be treated like family. Morris has trained our dogs for show and has helped them overcome annoying behavioral issues. His experienced, confident and caring methods have ensured that our dogs are well mannered members of our household. In fact, we believe that Morris is the real "Dog Whisperer". We can give no higher recommendations to anyone looking for someone to train or care for their special pet.

Brennan and Christine Kahler

Morris, what did you do to my dog???
I called Bill in to see a picture of a dog as I usually do on the internet to see what he thought of him.
He said, "Not bad".
Then I scrolled down to the side view and he got quiet....and said "Is that Kenny?"
"Morris....how did you sculpt that out of Kenny? When you said you had worked on him, I never thought he would look like that! Great Job!!"
I don't know what to say.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


You'll never find a better Kennel than Loretto Kennels.

Your dog won't want to come home; Ok yes they will, but they'll also want to be going back for their next holiday.

They get lots of attention, exercise and play time. The kennels are clean and they get well fed. You get to go wherever you're going; worry free!

I wouldn't take Lucky anywhere else.

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Hello ______,

The boarding facility I would recommend to you is run by Morris Bartucci. He is also a breeder and a handler and and and.... His facility is located North of Toronto outside the hamlet of Loretto. Morris is a real professional with GSD's and I would recommend him if you were needing to board your dog. Take a look at his site, email him or call him if you have any questions. He is straight to the point and won't beat around the bush about anything.

Hope that helps,

Thank you once again for taking such good care of Rudy. We could tell he was very happy at your establishment. We can't tell he was away from home at all. He is calm and relaxed, not stressed at all. I guess he considers Loretto Kennels as a "Spa" visit. LOL.
I will be recommending you to all my friends who have dogs and cats as well as my son from Barrie who has a great dane.
Thanks again...........


p.s. Rudy figures we should use our slow cooker daily to make this place smell as delicious as yours.